Club Presidents

Kevin Lei

Ph.D. Candidate in Immunology

Coming from Hong Kong for college, Kevin graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology. Before pursuing graduate school, he had 4 years of combined experience working in biotech startup and pharmaceutical companies on cancer diagnostics and vaccine development. During his Ph.D. candidacy in Immunology at the University of Chicago, he grew interests in technology commercialization and business strategy. At his leisure, he likes reading psychology-related non-fictions. He also loves drumming and enjoys playing with different musicians in different styles.


Alexey Kochemirovskiy

Ph.D. Candidate in Physics

Before graduate school, Alex received his Master's degree in Moscow working on theoretical physics. His current research is focused on particle accelerator R&D and technology for future muon colliders. Pursuing growing interest in business, he started taking MBA classes at UChicago Booth School of business in parallel to his physics studies. Alex is an expert chess player and also enjoys active sports like soccer, ping pong and volleyball.


Vice-President of Finance

Judy Prasad

Ph.D., Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience)

A postdoctoral scientist with a passion for unraveling the intricacies of the brain, Judy began her career as a technician in a Toronto-based contract research organization. Following an Honours B.Sc. at the University of Toronto (Scarborough), she completed her Ph.D. at McGill University. During this time, she became the first anatomist in Canada to successfully map neural pathways using a pseudorabies virus. Remaining inspired by this disruptive innovation, she extensively collaborates with researchers outside of her field to accelerate neuroscientific discovery. Her interest in consulting stems from this interdisciplinary approach, where comprehension of multiple industries requires a translational perspective.


Vice-Presidents of Events and Operations

Robert Sun

Master of Science Candidate in Analytics

As a business-minded student, Robert completed his undergraduate degree in business at Queen’s University in Canada with some relevant internship experiences in the finance industry. To understand the business world better and to improve his data analytical skills, he chose to pursue further education in the area of data science/business analytics at The University of Chicago. He is a huge fan of singing, having been selected as finalist in Voice of UChicago Singing Competition, and is an active Texas Hold’em poker player.


Vice-President of Public Relations & Technology

Nate Earnest

Ph.D. Candidate in Physics

With an inherent desire to solve problems, Nate pursued a double major in Applied Mathematics and Physics at the University of California, Berkeley and further pursued his Ph.D. at UChicago Physics. A desire to make an immediate impact and make changes for the betterment of society has driven his interests in pursuing management consulting. Nate's hobbies include photography, chess and he reguarly partakes in local Chicago community theatre shows.


Chris Chen

Ph.D. Candidate in Computational Neuroscience

Science lover, adventurer, Chris came to chicago to pursue a Ph.D in computational neuroscience after getting his B.S in physics from Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China. Chris's passion about understanding the  elegant principles underlying complex physical world brings him to consulting. He spends spare time traveling, watching soccer games and actively following stock market.   


Vice-President of Internal Affairs


Goda Thangada

Ph.D. Candidate in Classics

After earning a BA in Classics at Brown, Goda continued to study ancient civilization as a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago. As an undergraduate, she had also pursued coursework in globalization and economic development, and interned at a microfinance organization. She turned to consulting to harness her aptitude for problem solving, and to work with and for people. She spends her spare time researching investments and rock climbing.