2017 Gargoyle Case Competition

Sponsored by the Boston Consulting Group

We'd like to give a big congratulations to the finalist and winners of our 2017 Case Competition, and thank everyone for their hard work and dedication.  Many people put in a substantial amount of work and came up with insightful and creative solutions, and the competition was certainly not easy! Thank you all for your effort and making this year's competition a success!


Graduate Team:

"Team 4": Emily Coppess, Priyanka Kanther, Rachel Mok

Undergraduate Team:

"Team 15": Kiwon Lee, Ellen Hao, Lucy Huang, Vivek Ramakrishnan



Gargoyle Consulting Club

The University of Chicago's Gargoyle Consulting Club  (GCC) is a platform for PhDs, MDs, JDs, Master's, and Post-docs who are interested in transitioning to a career in management consulting. We strive to foster a community of people curious to explore the career path of management consulting, and strive to help our members better engage with the those from the consulting community. To join our emailing list, please go the the UChicago listserve and look up "grad-consulting".  


 Please feel contact us if you wish to join or have any questions. 



Highlighted Upcoming Events (click for more info)

Important Deadlines

  • July 17th: McKinsey Full Time Application Deadline
  • July 21st: Bain Full Time Application Deadline
  • July 23rd: BCG Full Time Application Deadline

Sign Up Links

Practice Case Sessions

The GCC will host regular practice cases on Sundays at 3pm in the Regenstein Library located at 1100 E 57th St, Chicago, IL 60637.   If you are interested, please sign up on the link above.  To see the current club contact list, please check out our internal page. Please contact us, or show up to one of our events to get the password. 

About Us

Throughout the year the club does a variety activities, all of which fit a timeline for advanced degrees interested in pursuing a consulting career path:

  1. Consulting Introduction Mid January we start our workshop series hosted by Pam Shilling, CEO of Arch Career Partners
  2. Case Studies Regular Seasonal Case Study Practice Sessions.  If interested, please click here to sign up.
  3. Networking Coffee Chats and a community of people who can help you pursue consulting as a career option
  4. Community As a Recognized Student Organization, GCC strives to foster an engaged community of UChicago students who are interested in pursuing consulting and to learn about all of the opportunities that can come from this career path