Club Sponsored Events

From coffee talks with consulting firms to workshops introducing the world of consulting, the gargoyle club sponsors regular event to help advanced degree candidates better explore the option of consulting as an alternative career path.   Please click here to see the calendar for specific upcoming events. Typical Events sponsored by the club are listed below:

Capture Consulting Offers WorkshopThe Gargoyle

Consulting Club & UChicagoGRAD are proud to host Pam Schilling (Founder, The MBA Exchange) for an 8-session workshop series called "Capture Consulting Offers". During first six sessions from January 31 to April 29, graduate students and postdocs will learn about best practices related to job documents, interviewing, case preparation, and networking. Learn what it takes to get a job at a top consulting firm, and how preparation for consulting applications can prepare you for interviews elsewhere. During the last two sessions, Pam will focus on case workshops. 

Practice Case Sessions

The key to success is most things it to practice, practice, practice.   Consulting and case interviews are no different, and the GCC wants to help you fill this need.  As such, we seek to weekly practice sessions during peak months, which is open to all UChicago alumni.  If you are interested, please check out our practice case page for more information.

Coffee Chats

A large aspect of consulting is knowing how to network. In this spirit the GCC sponsors coffee chats where consultants to give the chance for students to come network and learn more about the consulting world.

Consulting Events on Campus

The goal of our club is to be a resource for students interested in pursuing consulting, and as such we seek to let other campus wide events be known.  Below are some of the upcoming events that are sponsored by other UChicago communities and consulting firms themselves!

McKinsey & Company Info Session

Date/Time: March 8th, 2017 5-6:30pm.  More Information can be found at the UChicagoGrad link

Boston Consulting Advanced Degree Connection Event

Date/Time: March 9th, 2017 6-7:30pm. More information can be found at the UChicagoGrad link.