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Case Competition Workshop #1: "Solving the client challenge of extending coffee business"

This event, to be held on the evening of May 9th, will be our first workshop for the competition. In this workshop, Pam Schilling - a highly experienced consultant turned coach -  will discuss some details and best practices for approaching case problems as a team.  From a competitive strategy course that she has taught, this case is a fun problem for a rather interesting coffee shop in Wyoming. (More details during the workshop!) Prior to the workshop, Pam will send out a brief case description (about 5 pages) to prepare for the class. Then students will meet in class, have a workshop format lecture, followed by breaking into teams, having a small group discussion and then everyone will present their findings.  The entire workshop will take about 2 hours, and should be a great way to experience how to take a client's problem from start to finish.   You will work in teams, learn how to gather data and draw interesting conclusions.  Please check out this preparatory reading: "A Guide to Case Analysis", and "Cracking a Case: Mystic Monk Coffee".


Location: 924 E. 57th Street, Chicago IL 60637 -  BSLC Room 008