In Person Practice Cases

"The Case Interview" is a large part of the job application to any of the consulting firms, and is the essence of a consulting job. To learn more about the case there are many different sources one can use, however, it is only by practicing in person that one's skills will improve. In this spirit, our club regularly holds in-person practice cases for people to meet up and 'get their hands dirty'.  If you are interested please check out our Case Practice Sessions tab.  If you have any questions, please contact us.


Please contact us to gain access to our internal page with our extensive collection (50+) of case-books.

Direction to other resources

The goal of this club is to mentor Advanced Degree Candidates who are interested consulting into how to pursue this path.  As such, here is a list of online resources that we have found are most useful to learn about the consulting world:

Book: Case-In-Point

A book written by Marc Cosentino, a graduate of Harvard's Kennedy School, this is often considered the 'The bible of case interviews'. A great starting point for those who think they may be interested in consulting and want to learn more about this line of work.


A webpage run by a former McKinsey consulting, Victor Cheng, is a great starting point to learn about the different aspects to the consulting world.  If you so choose, you can sign up for a mailing list in which Victor sends our regularly emails (~1 per week) where he gives insights into various aspects of applying to the "Big 3", or learning how a consultant thinks (and the benefits of this line of thinking).


As the world's largest resource for consulting news and prep, with over 2.5M annual readers, this is a great resource for anyone interested in consulting. From resume editing services to case interview preparation, they provide all of the important needs to prepare for and recieve offers from consulting firms.