2017 Gargoyle Case Competition

Sponsored by Boston Consulting Group

The Gargoyle Consulting Club will be doing its first ever case competition! 

If you are interested in problem solving, and want to apply it to a real world business issue, please come find out more at our info session on April 28th. Sponsored and judged by the Boston Consulting Group, this is a great opportunity to get some experience with consulting work, and have a good time in the process.

Case Problem Resources

Consultants don't work in a vacuum, they have resources usually provided by the firm!  To ensure this competition best represents what it would be like to work in as a consultant, we've prepared some resources for you: Click Here to Be Directed to the Resources.  There are two folders here: 1) "Case Competition Training" is meant to prepare people for case competitions generally and 2) "Opportunity Youth" is material to help prepare for this specific competition. 

The deck presented by Dr. Martin Scheeler at the workshop #2  can be found here. And his winning deck from last year's competition can be found here.

Information Session Slides

Here are the slides shown at the info session.  Available to download in our resource folder


Workshop #1: "Solving the client challenge of extending coffee business"

This event, to be held on the evening of May 9th, will be our first workshop for the competition. In this workshop, Pam Schilling - a highly experienced consultant turned coach -  will discuss some details and best practices for approaching case problems as a team.  From a competitive strategy course that she has taught, this case is a fun problem for a rather interesting coffee shop in Wyoming. (More details during the workshop!) Prior to the workshop, Pam will send out a brief case description (about 5 pages) to prepare for the class. Then students will meet in class, have a workshop format lecture, followed by breaking into teams, having a small group discussion and then everyone will present their findings.  The entire workshop will take about 2 hours, and should be a great way to experience how to take a client's problem from start to finish.   You will work in teams, learn how to gather data and draw interesting conclusions.  Please check out this preparatory reading: "A Guide to Case Analysis"

Workshop #2: "Presenting Like a Consultant with Dr. Martin Scheeler"

Our second workshop will be featuring Dr Martin Scheeler, a BCG 2017 hire from the UChicago Physics Ph.D, where he will give some insights for how to best design and structure a presentation in the business world. He will also review some winning decks, including his winning deck from a Case Competition held by UCCC last year.

Office Hours

To ensure this competition is a great learning experience, teams will have an opportunity to meet with consultants and people with business experience/background to get feedback on their progress, ask questions, and seek advice. Office hours will start sometime during the week of May 8th. More details to come soon.

REGISTRATION ENDS ON MAY 5th!  To Register now, click here!

General Case Competition Information

  1. Open to all non-MBA students
  2. Teams of 3-5 people (we will help pair you if you don't have a team!) No mixing graduate/undergraduate team members
  3. There will be 3-4 weeks to prepare the case
  4. There is a $15 (per person) entry fee 
  5. There will be two rounds of presentations
  6. Workshops will be provided to help you prepare (feel free to join even if you're not in the competition!)

Important Dates:

  1. April 28th: Info Session (Room 142)
  2. May 5th: Registration Ends (Link to register here!)
  3. May 9th: Supporting workshop #1: "Cracking a Case with Pam Schilling"
  4. May 16th: Supporting workshop #2: "Presenting Like a Consultant with Dr. Martin Scheeler"
  5. May 19th: First Round of Presentations
  6. May 25th: Final Round of Presentations